What is Cryptopinions?
Cryptopinions is a new social media twist on cryptocollectibles. Register and own unique opinions on the Ethereum blockchain, or sponsor existing opinions!

To view and interact with Cryptopinions, you must first have Metamask installed.


Each opinion is a full fledged ERC-721 Token, and unlike similar games, is permanently yours as long as you hold it. Once you have registered an opinion, you own it; no valid duplicate may be created, and you may sell or trade it as you see fit on a variety of platforms.
As holder of the opinion token, 10% of every sponsorship for it goes to you, meaning substantial dividends for popular opinions. Cryptopinions takes no fees from sponsorships, all sponsorship fees go to the owner.


Sponsoring opinions lets you show support for an opinion by paying a specific and progressively increasing sum of Ethereum. 90% goes to the last sponsor, 10% to the opinion owner. When the next person sponsors the same opinion, you get your Eth back and then some. When an opinion is sponsored, it becomes marked with a green check and a sponsor selected word of support, and becomes listed more prominently (sorted by price to sponsor).


Don't agree? Anti-Sponsoring works the same as sponsoring, but your Eth goes 90% to the previous antisponsor and 10% to Cryptopinions instead of to the sponsor and the opinion owner.
Just like with Sponsoring, the price increases each time, meaning that an opinion becomes more expensive to sponsor for every antisponsor and vice-versa. This means that by antisponsoring, you not only show your distaste for an opinion with a red check and negative comment, but also remove potential dividends from the opinion holder.

Discord: https://discord.gg/VQqzmNy
Email: cryptopinions@gmail.com